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I don't know what to click in the Map


Hi imiijadee ☺️

The minimap is to see where are you at the moment

Yeah found it already. Tyyy


When I first read about the switch to Telegram, I had no idea what it was. And it seems the reason I hadn't heard about it is because it is a data-mining app that is well-worth avoiding for security reasons. 

There is no way I am going to sign up and given so much information about myself just to download a game from an untrustworthy site.

There are a *LOT* of alternatives that could have been used to store and share files such as Google Drive, Meta, Dropbox, and more:

All that had to be done was to look at where *other* creators store *their* files to find far, far better places than Telegram.

(And, just as an aside, one of my favorite characters in the game, Valak, appears basically only once and then is never seen in the rest of the game.)

So, I've decided as of today, I'm no longer going to be a Patreon supporter of "Medieval Times."

If at some point the MT game files are moved *off* of Telegram to one or more *reputable* and *trustworthy* sites like the ones mentioned in the links above, I'll consider supporting this game again.

I'll check back from time to time to see if that has happened. For now though, bye.



Hey Tom, how's it going? Yeah, I actually checked all the file-sharing options like Google Drive, Mega, Mediafire, and Dropbox, but the problem with those platforms is twofold. First, with large files, if you don't have an account on the platform, you can't download them. And secondly, the link to share the content remains exposed, so anyone can share the link and everyone would have access to the content. That doesn't happen with Telegram since the invitation links change all the time. Out of all the options I've tried to solve the file problem on Itchio, Telegram seemed the most practical and straightforward for everyone. I'm sorry you're not satisfied with the solution, but like I said, it's the best I could find. I'm sorry about your decision, but for now, it's the best I've found to distribute the content in a simple and organized way without it leaking outside of the platform. I hope you understand. Cheers.

Hey! I haven't played the game since chapter 3 of season 1. Happy to jump back in! Is there still a way to get chapters 1-10 season one? I received chapters 1-8 for season 2 already. 

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Hi Satyr! ☺️ WELCOME BACK! 🤗

Yeah! In the Guard, Knight and Prince channel you have the old season with all the scenes and the reworked version too 

Awesome! Found them. Thank you!!

Is this complete?


Hi imiijadee 🤗

Yeah it's complete at today 💪

Thank youuu


no problem 😁 

Tyyyy. Haha. I don't need to wait for an update anymore. I'll start playing now 😁

I purchased ch. 9.... where do i get the code for the main page????


Hi Sleepy505 ☺️

What do you mean with main page? Can you join to the Telegram channel Tier Prince?


TO ALL LONG TIME SUPPORTERS, the move to Telegram was done purposely to prevent us from keeping and maintain our purchases we had made in the early days of the game that got it to where it is day. The devs admitted this and then deleted the comment, here's a screenshot though so its still here to see.  

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I only deleted the message because I understood that you are a hater by nature, and I understand that no explanation I give you will seem fair to you.



But we can't access any of the bonuses and extras we PAID for were guaranteed access to and to dl. You sir are the hater who thought you would ripoff your longest suppoters who got you where you are, try to justify it and recieve no response to it, not mention wanting to get people to hand over their personal info to a dubious company.


 And in one move one of the best and genuinely generous, reliable and popular devs on falls to be one of the worst, and from their own comments on this page they can’t even give a good story as for why they through Telegram was going to be an acceptable answer.


????. if you took the time to read Itchio's post, you would realise that the big problem is the platform itself, as we had reached the limit of allowed files, and no new content was allowed, I hope you understand that the change is for the better and so that you can continue to access new content from Medieval Times. Hugs


I did read the post and if you had read anyone else's Telegram is the problem you chose as a solution, no one wants to use dubious third party software that requires your personal info and phone number to access one product. There are plenty of other better options that require no login from customers just the links and allow downloads. You can't argue that dubious data grabbing software like Telegram was good for your supports or your own reputation or image. 

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Like luriel says the platform had reached the limit and we can't upload more content for you, if we can't do this anymore I think we aren't fulfilling with your rights when you pay... Then we find a solution, if we have a better solution in the future we can change it, please for the moment try to understand, again... 🙏🏻 We always try to do the best for our subscriptors 😕


You seem to be in denial of what the issue here really is and why you've made a joke of yourselves. Itch,io wouldn’t let you upload more fine, why did you think Telegram a service which requires your long time supports to hand over all their personal info and phone number to access it when and then still can’t download anything was a better option then uploading the archive to a file host and then only allowing the access links to the relevant purchasers. That is easier, that is better for your supporters, that wouldn't trigger any blow back and its what most other decent sellers who have this issue go to. Your method is to block out your old supports who don’t yet another account or to use a dubious company who wants all your info.

Deleted 12 days ago

I completely understand that so much work needs some kind of refund. You do a great job with your game. That's also why I payed the price a long time ago. I like your work and the game is good. What I find unacceptable is that despite having payed for additional content too I am now deprived of the right to download additional small videos and pictures that you publish. I don't have telegram and I don't intend to install another useless app just for some fun pictures. It's sad that everyone nowadays just forces other people into something - why always change things that work well. But maybe you had your reasons, but I'm still disappointed.


Hi Tommy, if you took the time to read Itchio's post, you would realise that the big problem is the platform itself, as we had reached the limit of allowed files, and no new content was allowed, I hope you understand that the change is for the better and so that you can continue to access new content from Medieval Times. Hugs


I read it and I understand that you had to change something. I just don't want to use an app like Telegram that is known for tons of security issues. I'm glad the game itself is still on

I hope you will continue your work despite all this. It will certainly anger a lot of your followers but thats your decision.


Hi Tommy,  but you don't lose your rights to access to the videos, you can see it when you want on Telegram, if you don't want to install it we can't do anything 😕. Like Luriel says the platform had reached the limit and we can't upload more content for you, if we can't do this anymore I think we aren't fulfilling with your rights when you pay... Then we find a solution, if we have a better solution in the time we can change it, please for the moment try to understand, again... We try to do the best for our subscriptors 


So sad its not free anymore


Yeah I was just about to download this too :(


Hi saranghaeJul! 🤗

But you can PLAY FREE the second season from chapter 1 to 8 💕✨


We can no longer download the game for free? i have to make a purchase in order to play the game but I simply just want to download the game and play it.

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Hi Swiiddiie ☺️

Sorry but now is ONLY FREE the second season from chapter 1 to 8. We need to move all the content to Telegram. I hope you understand we make a lot of work here ✨💕

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Excuse me how can get the Bannett and KulNaq or Nag scene, been trying to get it for weeks

Hi Orcsarehot, you can check the walkthrough in the game to help you make decisions, anyway, you should go through the Fox Men either way. Any questions, don't hesitate to write to me. Hugs.

Hello. Love the game so far.

So I read chapter 1-5 and at the end, I sent Ben to Jeffrey's house. I install ch.6 but it doesn't match up with my Ch5.  I'm on Android, is this correct or am i missing something? 


Hi roguey! ☺️

You are playing the chapter 6 of the second season, you must download the chapter 1 - 10 of the first season (inside that you must pick the chapter 6 when you are playing) 🤗✨

Awesome 👍 thank you!

Sorry asking another question but I downloaded and I-10 old version. The I tried to install the rework version of 1-5, but keeps telling to update rather then install. Will updating screw up the one I have already installed?

Don't worry about that if you screw up the game you can download and install again. I don't understand very well what do you try to ask, sorry for that 🙏🏻. But you must play the rework from chapter 1 to 5 and then download the chapter 1 to 10 and play from the 6th chapter to the 10th

ok got it. Thank you 😊 👍 

When will Chapter 8 for season 2 be coming to Itch for download?

Hi Elector, how are you? ☺️

The chapter 8 is already available to download here 🤗

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I don't see it at the top, is it in the paid section?

Yeah it is in the paid section, in a few days the chapter 9 are release! Then the chapter 8 is becoming free! ✨🤗

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Ummm which one should I downloaded? There's a lot....? I want the first start oh wait nvm I found it but idk what the code is pls help I downloaded season 1 chapter 1-5

Hi León! ☺️

Haha no problem, the code of mini game is there to download too 🤗

ummm which one exactly?

Where a d which one???

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sorry for late, the name is "Code Mini-games"

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im totally confused, i download ep 1-5 and was about a werewolf thing, i download the 6-7 or are 8 and was asking about leave a city or not i think dev should organize these files i download the new reworked and give me the werewolf thing (almost sure is a old bc i remember play the old version about the werewolf) and download the reworked already start with the leave city choice like ????

Hi nautilus, how are you? ☺️

I think you are mixing the season 1 with the season 2. You play the chaps 1-5 of season 1. Then you downloaded the chapter 6,7,8 of the second season.

The rework is from the first season, only chapter 1 to 5 at the moment. I hope I be helpful 🤗

im confused can i not download season 2 episodes 1,2,3+ on pc?

Yeah you can 😁

hi Luriel, none of the links for season 2 on mac download seem to be working from this page. Are you able to point me in the right direction please?

loving your work


Hi icey! 😊

Let me check it

turns out I missed a bit when cutting and pasting. have it downloading now. sorry for the trouble!

No problem, I hope you enjoy it 😁

Hiiiii,it's me again. Just checking to see if you fixed the issue with the rework. No text were showing up.

Hi! 😊

If this is the android version sorry, we can't find the way to fix it yet 🤦🏼‍♂️. I hope you can play it in a PC

i’ve been playing and looking up medieval times content and i’ve noticed that some scenes of the game are missing at present.

as i’ve read, there were problems with those scenes and due to that, they were removed. actually, i would like to play those scenes, they look interesting, so i’m asking if there’s any possibility of getting them back to the game.

i’m attaching a pic of some of the scenes i’m talking about.

looking forward to know more about this.

Hi vetymour 😊

At the moment we haven't it, we have some extra content with that kind of pictures, I know is not the same but I hope you can enjoy it too 🤗

How do you not loose the scenes you have unlocked? it seems that every time I quit the game I loose all the unlocked scenes and have to start from scratch?

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Hi Zach, how are you? 

you mean every time you delete the game and unzip again? 🤔

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why is the second season chapter 1-5 only on android and not pc also when i launched the rework 1-5 game it asks for a code???

Hi ajc29 ☺️

If you download the chapter 7 or 8 you can access to all chapters of second season

Hello i am confused by the game i downloaded the season 1 chapter 5-9 from your website but it ends at that point where i hear a howl and wonder if its jeffrey.

after tht whan I downloaded chapter 10 there is no continuity from that scene please help?

Hi JuhiK, please could you specify the error a little more, I can't quite place myself in the context or the chapter you are playing, please explain a little more in detail, to see if I can help you. Hugs

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Hi Lauriel I downloaded the chapter 5-9 season 1 and the update ends where the MC goes to jungle and he hears Jeffrey's howl ideally chapter 10 should start from that point but when I downloaded the chapter 10 season 1 it asks me if I was passive or active with usher. But in the previous update there was no content with usher 

Also, it's suddenly asks me to jump into a sex scene with cornrad and usher - there is some gap between chapter 9 and chapter 10. And there is this character who is half human and half horse - which was not introduced with chapter 5-9 season 1.

I am Hella confused and don't know how to play further 

can u please help?

Why where the scenes between Usher/Conrad/Bennett - Usher/Bennett and Usher/Conrad removed? are they still able to played in the version that isn't reworked?

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Hi dodofromhell ☺️

Sorry for that, we have to remove that scenes from the game, in some platforms don't let us do that kind of content. But we do a lot of extra content like that 😏😉

You can play that scenes here in yet 😏

The rest of the Season 1 rework downloads should have 6-7 as well, not just 1-5.

Hi Andrew, how are you? 😊

We are working  on it 💪. At the moment that chapters only have old version 


This page is a mess.  It's been awhile since I tried this and now there are so many downloads, I have no idea  where to even start.  There are paywall locked things, old versions, reworked versions, seasons... I have no idea where to start.  Actually nevermind.  I'm not going to deal with it.

(1 edit) (+2)

Sorry for that 😕, we try to do the best, we upload all the content extra and the game too here, we think you deserve all the content we create 😉. The format of the page is it... We can't change it. If you pay the max amount you can access to all extra content, I think that is the locked things you are talking about

But if u want to know in the top are all the downloads to play the game:

- Season 1 reworked include (chapter 1 to 5)

- Chapter 8 include (chapter 1 to 8 second season)

I hope I be helpful, have a nice day! 🤗


First of all I wanted to make it clear that I love this game! You are amazing!! My dream is to create a game like this. One gay visual novel. I have no idea where to start, can you give me any tips? PS: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRAW LOL :(


Aww 🥰. This team thanks to you for your support and your pretty feedback! ✨

If the maker read this i m sure he gonna give you some tips 🤗

ty ❤️❤️

Hello, I want to download season 2. Is there a single file such as the Season 1 which contained all 5 chapters? Really love your work, thank you!


Hi Judd! 😊 How are you?

Thanks!! I m glad to read that 🥺

Yeah, if you download the chapter 8 you have all the novel, at the time 🤗

Is the reworked version only chapter 1 to 5?

Hi Bobbob01 😊

Yeah the rework is still in progress, sorry 😔

Hi there! First things first, I love the game!

Concerning some scenes that were taken out of the game, like the one with Bennet and the orc after the scene between ben and amok's brother on the orc camp, or others between bennet and Usher that I've seen mentioned in some forums but haven't actually seen,  is there any way to find a version of the game with those scenes still in it or were they taken out for good?

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Hi tiberzone, how are you? 😊

Thanks!! That means a lot to me 🥺

Sorry we have to delete some scenes because other platforms blocked my account, and I think we can't offer different games in different platforms

Just saw this. Was thinking of getting back into the game, but this is kind of a deal killer for me. I wish you the best with the future of the game, though. 

Actually some scenes you can find in yet 😏😉

If, hypothetically, you wanted to have different versions on different platforms, you can. I see people mostly doing password protection on some things and posting on subscribestar. And with how vague it is, I'll probably wait to find out more. I'll keep an eye out. Good luck!

Where's the second season chapters for PC? I only see it available for Android, unless I'm missing something?

Hi Tearie, how are you? 🤗

Sorry for the delay, if you download the chapter 8 or 7 you have all the chapters of the second season inside this.

I hope I was helpful ✨


I have only one request, well, two: more pubes and hair on the whole and less enormous dicks, please :-) Sometimes dicks look okay but sometimes they are far too enormous, even on Bennett.


Hi kisonik, how are you?

Thanks for the feedback we gonna take this tip 😊

Deleted 123 days ago

I’m sorry for asking probably such an obvious question, but can I download and play this on my IPhone?  I don’t mind paying… I just want to make sure it will work… I’m not to familiar  with the IPhone. Thx 

Hi alex2969, how are you? 🤗

Sorry you can't 😔. But you can play in a PC.

I hope you have a nice night! Merry Christmas! 💕✨

Thanks! I decided to use an old Google tablet I had, and it's going great... Took me time to figure things out.,. But I'm really enjoying the game! 

Today I tried to start chapter 10 and it just will not open. I get an error Medieval Times Keeps Stopping.. Is there a way to fix this? I tried reinstalling it but that didn't help...  Any advice would be great.

Thx so much for the hard work! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Hi Alex2969 🤗

I m glad to read you are enjoying the game, sorry for the issues with android version 😔. The PC version is the only works ALL FINE. In a few months I think we can resolve the problems with android

Thanks for letting me know.... I can stop trying to figure out what I was doing wrong... Now that I know it wasn't my tablet... I will just skip it for now n when it's fixed I'll be able to go back and play it. 

Have a great New Year


Weird question, are you gay?


Yeah haha... why?


Because I haven't been able to find a game where I can get some good dick

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I think you are in the right place 😉

Hello. I'm just here to say that for the Android version chapter 1 to 5, the text is cropped to the side. So a chunk of the text is not visible.

(1 edit)

Hi Ayun1987, how are you? ☺️

Thanks for this, we have a lot of issues to resolve with apks, it's some tangled 😵‍💫

I recommend to you play in the desktop version 😊

Hi hi! I'm good, what about you? 

Although I'm not a gamedev, I quite understand how hard it must be to port a game originally designed for PC to Android/phone.

Unfortunately I can't play on PC, so it's just me and my phone for now hehe. But even so, keep up the good work! XOXO

Sorry for that 😔

I hope you can understand, in a few months I think we can resolve the android issues

Heyy, I'm loving the game, but for some reason i can't play chapter 10 from season 1 on my cell Phone, so can you try to fix it, please?

Hi Pfm1, how are you? 🤗 Sorry for the delay 🙏🏻

We have several issues with some android versions. I recommend to you play in the desktop version, this run with out problems 💪

(1 edit)

I'm having this problem when the game comes to show the animation, the game just froze, I've been trying to reinstall it and retry it but nothing seems to make it progress, I use the apk version btw

Hi Dissety ☺️, how are you? Sorry for late 🙏🏻

We have a lot of issues with some android versions, if u can download a desktop version, you can play with out problems 

Any update on season 1 chapter 6-10? I think i played 1-5 rework on my android

Hi Juhik, how are you? Sorry for delay 🙏🏻

We are work a lot in the new chapter, when we finish we can go for the reworks 💪

I am doing fine, hope you are doing good as well.

Thanks for the reply

I am doing fine, hope you are doing good as well.

Thanks for the reply



When is the release of chapter 7

Hi Julz, when the chapter 8 has been released, the 7 will be free 🤗

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