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When is the release of chapter 7

Hi Julz, when the chapter 8 has been released, the 7 will be free 🤗

VERY good, wow. Fantastic work.

Thanks Safaria 🤗✨

Will chapter 7 second season be free?

Yeah, when the 8 has been released 🤗

is it possible to have sex with Klarion in the game too and have him becoming the boyfriend?

Yeah, actually they do that 😊. Not boyfriend but they have fun 😏


I downloaded the android version and no text shows up.

Sorry 🙏 we have some issues with some android versions 

Loving this game Luriel.  I just purchased the above.  Can I check, was there a Season 2, Chapter 1-5 on PC?  

And for Season 1, it ends with Chapter 5?

I saw from my download, I only have Season 2, Chapter 6


Hi,thank you for reworking season 1 ch1-5. And it looks like there's a walk through? there's a words are showing up😅.

Hi, how are you itsthegays ? 🤗

You are playing this in the android version?

It this are right we have a lot of issues with android versions for the moment, sorry for that 🙏🏻 🤦🏼‍♂️

yes android. Ohhh ok do u know when these bugs will be fixed? Thx for replying❤

This can take some months regrettably 😔

Wow....argh I'll go and try to distract Thx for the reply.

but you can play in the desktop version 😊

please help my game always crashed when I tried to choose chapter 1 season two

Hi damimongalam, how are you?

Please can you send a screen?

Deleted 41 days ago



It contains straight sex scenes so it turns me off totally :(

Beleg7, how are you? 🤗

Sorry for that 😔. But if you keep playing you can see all the rest novel is gay 💕✨


Hi. Unfortunetly I can't get over it :( Thank's for Your reply, have a nice day :)

No problem. Have a nice day too :D

It surprises me that this would get downvotes when it's an honest comment/review about a significant barrier to entry for numerous people.

It bothers me, too. Definitely a turnoff, and I'm not sure what the problem is acknowledging this for an ostensibly gay game (with a 'gay' tag).

There are several compulsory straight sex scenes, so this isn't a solely 'gay' game.

Thx for Your voice of support :)

Hi, I have never played this game before and I'm really confused on where to begin. Which file do I need to download to play the game from the beginning?

Love the game! but I am also a bit confused how to start?
Also when will it be Finished? :) 


Hi panamapanquan, how are you? 🤗 

You can start for the season 1, chapter 1 and then keep going forward, but if you start from season 2, chapter 1 you can. The season 1, chapter 1 to 5 is all remastered

We hope never ends 💕. But eventually it does 

Thank you so much! <3

Don't worry 🤗✨

Hi dannosaur, how are you? 🤗

Sorry for late, you can download the remastered season 1. Chapter 1 to 5 was finished. Then you can play the remainder chapters in old version, then you can go to the season 2. But if you start from season 2 it's fine too ☺️

if taylor is the redhead,he is SMOKIN HAWT


Deleted 54 days ago


Deleted 55 days ago
Deleted 54 days ago

Hi David, how are you? 🤗

Yeah you can ask what you want. I m here ☺️

Deleted 64 days ago

Hi David, how are you? 😊

Sorry for that, itchi only accept that payment method. But you can use your credit card to connect with PayPal 🤗

Deleted 64 days ago

You can go to the page of the game if u want, i can't put the link here, but you can use your credit card there, more easy to you 😊💕

What chapter can i find the update of benneth and usher hot pics?

Hi Julz 😊, how are you?

That's an extra content, not a chapter image. I hope I be helpful to you 🤗

Hi there.  Great job!... been a follower but due to my stupidity i forgot to remove all the downloaded season/eps starting from season 1 when i reformated my drive... now im planning to go back again from the very start os season 1 all the way to the latest. Where can i download it? Big thanks!

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Hi Scorpionous, how are you? 🤗

First thanks for your nice feedback 💕. If you click "Medieval Times (NSFW)" you go to the home page and have the button to download the game, down of the pics and walkthrough you have chapter to chapter to download and the pictures and videos accord your tier rank.

I hope I be helpful. Have a great weekend 😊✨

Hey! Love your content.

I Had a question. What device are you using for rendering/modelling/puppeteering??

What are your device specifications?? I'm thinking of trying out making something like this ,is a dedicated GPU compulsory? Minimum ram? Thanks in advance

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Hi Voidd, thanks.

To build the images I use the DAZ 3D program and to render the images, I do it with two identical PCs: Ryzen 9 5950X. 32Gb RAM without video card, all the work is done by the CPU.

where can I find the walkthrough for SS1?

Hi spokedarkio 🤗, how are you?

You can find the walkthrough in Season 1 reworked. The old season 1 don't have it. I hope I helped you ✨

Is there a discord channel for this game?

Hi Simon! 🤗

 Yeah, it is, but is only for the Patreon members, because I can't upload all type of content there 😉. Here are all the content, I hope you enjoy it 💕

i wanted to test this game out, tried to install on android but when i try to install chapter 1 or the 1-5 remake it tells me everytime "app couldnt be installed" and the setting is off that only official apps can be installed, since i tried some other games already out too, and there it was no problem, which specific one is the starter to install it?

Hi BananaJoes, how are you? 🤗

Sorry for the issues, we have some troubles with different versions of android. We are working on it! 💪

For the moment if u can you can download the PC version and play normally 🤗

okay thanks for the information, yeah i like more to play that games on android more, simply im not forced to sit in the same chair as always, but at least i know i didnt make something wrong, but i can at least know what the problem is and i can wait until it works out better on android.

Sorry for that, we try to do this fast! 💪

no worries, i have found here several games to try out, so no rush needed, take your time so it works for all good 

Thanks for understand 😊

Just got download the chapter 6 s2 in almost 2GB . And this is all the scenes from chapter 1-5.

Hi Julz! How are you? 🤗

Sorry for the issues with that. We have some troubles with different android versions. At the moment you can download the PC version, if u have one. We going work on this 💪

Thanks for the feedback ✨

Deleted post

Hi EmojiPhantom, how are you? 😊

🙏 Sorry for that, we have some issues with android versions, we are working in that anyway.

 Thanks for understand and the feedback 🤗✨

Hello, how are you?

I really like your game.

Can you update us on the First Season remake?

What's the latest chapter you are working now on Season 2?

Hi, I m well and you Andrian? 😊

Aww thanks! I m glad you are here playing my game 💕

The First Season remake now: 1 to 5 already done✅. 6 is on wheels 🚧

The last chapter I m working on is the 8

I hope I be helpful for you 🤗

Yes, thank you very  much.


Amok & Usher new vid does appear to actually be up.

(1 edit)

Sorry for issues, now is is ready to enjoy it 😈

Al final nunca encontre ese archivo txt. descargue todo lo que tenia para descargar y no lo encuentro

No lo encuentro

What chapter is this?

Wish I knew as well, I have been trying to find the part of the game where you can meet the dragon like character, but it seems not not be in any of the seasons.

Hi razor, how are you? 🤗

This happened in chapter 5, season 1

I hope I was helpful ✨

Deleted 92 days ago

Hi Julz! How are you? 🤗

This image is from the mini game of Chapter 9 Season 1

I hope I was helpful with you ✨

Is there chapter 7s2,8s2,9s2... ?.. where can i download the upadtes of the game?

Hi Julz, you can download the last chapter (Chapter 7 S2) from the download list, it already contains all the previous chapters of the second season. Hugs

Ch1 S2 android half of the image is lost

Hi Ben, can you send me a screen of the error. Thanks

Deleted 109 days ago

i'm sorry i delete the game frome my phone and completed it on my computer

please help me 

I just redownloaded it again and it crashed

Is paying by card, not an option? Only see Paypal as an option and I can't use that right now. 

Hi Chris, yeah at the moment only Paypal is available. Hugs

Queria saber quando vai ser lançado esse grátis?pois não tenho condições de pagar

Hi Brain, the last chapter is always made public, when the new chapter is published. Today the last chapter is chapter 7 (S2), and in a few weeks chapter 8 will be published, at that time chapter 7 will become free. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me. Hugs


Um hey. What about the Android in second season chap 6? Is it not available on Android?

Hi Nevar, yes, is in the list of files to download. Hugs

Deleted 98 days ago

which file is the actual gam e to download?


Hi Craisko, the Chapter 7 is the last update. Hugs

I started playing the ‘reworked’ chapters - can I use that save to finish season 1 or do I have to start again?

Hi Moil, the rework of season 1, from chapter 6 to 10 is a bit delayed, currently the translation is being corrected, the plan is to finish the rework and publish it after the publication of chapter 8 of the second season.

When is all of the second season going to be downloadable for windows? I've played season 1 chapters 1-10 and love it I would like to play more

Hi Turkprod, yes sure

So I'm seeing that chapter 6 for the second season is on windows but what about season 2 chapters 1-5? Could you also have them downloadable on windows so I can play them? If you could that would be amazing!

Hi Turkprod, you can see in the download list the link to download Chapters 1 to 5 of the first season (Rework). Hugs

Yes I can see that! But what about season TWO? I'm wondering if chapters 1-5 for season TWO can be available on windows

Yes it is also available and always the last chapter published has all the previous chapters included in the archive. Hugs

Hello Creator👋 Just want to ask if I pay $20 once does all content can be available?

Hi Nevar, the platform itself will show you what you can download according to your Tier, it does it automatically. Hugs

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