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The drive link for Windows doesn't  work and to use mega to a file this big we have pay. Any change to fix the drive link?

yeah that's a problem, MEGA is just so bad...

Okay I think I found the problem my phone doesn't like MEGA anyone know of a work around really wanna play chapter 10 especially since I have now played episode 1 through 9 for season 1 and episode 1 for season 2


Do you know when the next chapter will be released?


Drive link to open Windows version of the fisrt season it doesn't work 😭

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I downloaded chapter 1 second season and it has to put the insect code? What's the code pls tell me quickly

I just started playing chapter 1 and it seemed a pretty fun game. However i do hope to be given the choice as to whom to have sex with. Sometimes when you want to proceed the game you'll have to have sex with people that you have zero interest in and i ended up skipping a large chunk of dialogues. 

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Damn that game was awesome the last part with Conrad, Usher and Bennett drove me crazy! I really like this game so congrats to the developer, good job!

I'm really looking forward for the next chapters and hope there will be something growing between Usher and Bennett !


i hope chapter 2 second season will be free 😔


Wow, this game is amazing!  When Bennett had the 3-way with Conrad and Usher I totally lost it.  I love when you can choose who is active.
I wish there were an option for Galazar to have a bit more handsome/human face, as maybe he can change his shape? 
Have only done the 1st season so far, but I've never played anything like this before.  Well done.  I even died once, which was kind of awesome.


Thanks Stuart, I'm very happy that you enjoy the game 😊, in these months I'll start a re-work of the old characters and surely Galazar will be one of them. Don't hesitate to write me if you have any questions. Hugs

I do hope Jeffery's werewolf form is a little more wolfie :)

will there be a free web version?

Hello, for the moment I am not planning to launch a web version.


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I think the links to the S1 pc download are not working.

The Google link has never worked for me, but the Mega one did.

Neither of those are working 4 me atm.


Hi guys, I just checked if the links were working, and yes MEGA is working, but not Google Drive, I'm re-uploading the whole season 1 to GDrive these days. Hugs

Hi. Has link been updated? It doesn't work for me

you will need mega membership to download

I feel there are too many downloads I understand some are exclusive but you could compile them by their price les of a hassle for viewers. I could also can’t find which download is the beginning and the continuation.

Hi Benji, fhe first files are always the Chapters, from the newest to the oldest, and then you have all the extra content (Images and Videos), in order of publication. Hugs

heyy so i realy love your game having trouble dowloading chapter 10 tho butt any how there are a few thing i wanne ask j 

in private would be nice butt about games and being a creator and so on😁

Hi Luriel How Are You Sexy I Love Your Games

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all the chapters are the same thing on season one?? They don't change at all?

Sorry, I don't understand the meaning of your question. 

There are 10 chapters inside season 1. For PC and Mac they are inside the same file to download (not the same case for Android). Season 2 is apparently under creation, and the 2 first chapters are to download separately.

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I mean, the chapter one to four is the same history, with a thing or two in difference. Chapter five to eight is the exact same history. They don't change. And that's why  I didn't understand the history because are gaps,  or am I playing this wrong? 

 I'm playing on android.

Thanks for clarification. I play on Mac so I cannot help you so much for Android. In the complete season there are indeed 10 chapters all different from each other. If someone playing on Android can help you, it will be great. Perhaps Luriel himself !

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Bought the king package but where is the code for the season 1? Only got the code for chapter 1 season 2....

Edit: doesn't even work on the Chapter 1 S2....


Luriel should clarify this, I presume. I am not fully sure, it seems that there are three different passwords : one for season 1 ; and one for each of the two chapters of season 2. But the files containing the passwords have the same name. It may happen that the file containing the password is replaced when you download another season or chapter. I have made a copy of them outside of the game so I always have them ready. The password for season 1 is a 4 characters one. The others are longer. I hope you may find it if you download again only the password file, when scrolling down all the available files for season 1. Be sure to keep the one you already have, somewhere safe ! It is definitely something which can be improved and clarified for players, even if not major.

Thanks Repself, I created a post explaining how it works and uploaded the missing code for the first chapter of the second season.

Thanks Luriel, your new file with the different passwords is a perfect answer to the questions some players may have had. Good job !

I thank you both and thanks for your time in answering me.

Desculpa esqueci de comentar no comentário anterior que é o Cap 10 na versão Android.

Hello, please I was wondering if chapter 10 is available to download for free? Why do I want to download it only ask for a decryption key on the Mega page, in order to download it. Someone willing to help me?

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hello, on Mac and PC chapter 10 is included in first season download (I obtained it through the complete season 1). For Linux I do not know, as it is split into several files.

Anyway, I paid for this game so I am not sure my answer is very useful...

Just curious if/when Season 2 Chapter 2 will be available for free download?

Hi Scot, at the end of this month I think. Hug

i want to start from the beginning from first chapter season 1, how to get back from the beginning?

Hello, please read the answer I have just posted now to maxfreeman13, his post is two days before yours, and it is probably the same question. Hope this will help you.

Got it, thanks... another question is, I downloaded also the other files like the Prince, Knight, Guard and the rest. After download, some are video files but most are zipfiles which contains photos. Where should I save these files? I mean aren't they part of the game/stories?

They are separated, you do not need them to play, and you do not need the game active to watch them. There are also separate short stories for Halloween or Christmas. Personally, I have created a directory in my computer and I have stored all these files inside. Most of these files are available only if you accept to pay something for the game, so I guess that you must keep them only for your private usage and never copy them to other guys. It will help Luriel :-) But if you don't download them, do not worry, your game will play well anyway.

will not let me download season 1 both mac downloads dont work

Please read the answer I made to maxfreeman13 (his post is the day before yours), I am not sure but it may help you.

I'm confused cause it won't let me download the whole chapter one, only the second season of one. I don't know about the rest

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Hello, there is a file to download which name is medieval times - season 1 complete (for Mac or for PC, at least). It is a text file. Open it. Copy the text you find inside, into your browser upper bar and go to this internet page. Then download (with MEGA will be longer, but you'll get it, with the other link not sure) the file. Then unzip it. Then put it in the directory  : 

Library/Application support/itch/apps/medieval-times

This Library is not the one under the root of your computer, but the one (possibly not visible) under your home directory.  You can reach it with the command "go to..." in your upper bar tool. At least, for Mac it works. 

Hope that may help.

I really like this game and all and I understand the aesthetic you're going for, but some of the scenes are just so dark, it's hard to see what's even going on...


wanted to try this out but complete season 1 download is just a text file an only chapter one season 2 is actual download of the game 

You need to follow the text file to the download. It's a link

same problem how was it fixed? not sure were to find the text file

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Please read (if you are allowed to do so) the former questions and answers, it is all explained already with details (several times). Short summary, first go to the web page by copying the link you have got in the text file, into the upper bar of your browser ; then download the file (MEGA will work fine, the other link not always) ; then unzip it ; then put it inside the proper directory. I cannot find it just now (a bit difficult to localize at once), but the place is explained in a former post here. I'll try to get it back. And then enjoy the game !

For Luriel : it would possibly be a very good idea to copy a clear explanation of how to do in your general description of the game, because everyone is not at ease with computer things. You can copy and adapt any part of the several comments about this, made since November. Thank you !

Edit : I found back the post I made a month ago. I assume it could help to copy it here again.

Library/Application support/itch/apps/medieval-times

This Library is NOT the one under the root of the computer (on Mac at least) ; it is under your home directory and may not be visible. You can reach it with a command such as "got to..." in the upper bar. Not sure 100% of the command name as it is written in my native language here.

Hope this will help.

I get this after Bennett talks too RRowan, and keeps me all sex scenes with the team.

An Exception has occurred.

While running game code:

File "game/Capitulo 2.rpy".line 422

It got a lot I'm not typing . What do I do to fixes this ??


Hi, Luriel, why I can't use code in "insert code",we have 6 character but code I can apply only 4 letters?I bought the whole content yesterday, updated?


Just started Season 2 and I'm impressed that you've gone with two very different options based on going with the Order or staying in the village, double the workload for yourself, lol

Ànybody know how to unlock ben & acteon? Only one i haven't unocked and i just can't seem to get it 


The way I know is to pay for the medecine when asked for, and after Acteon will go home with it and come back later... and things will go hotter very soon  :-)

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Hey, this may be dumb question but where do I find the password download for S1 C10 . Already downloaded file just don't know how to access. (Android User)

EDIT: Nevermind. I figured it out 😂 I was just downloading it wrong.


I tried to download the season 1 (for PC if that matters) and the google drive option says file not found. The mega drive gets to about 3.4g downloaded and then gives me an error about not enough html5 download space. Anywhere else to get it?

I bought the full 1st season but I only can launch what appears to be chapter 2 (it asks me if I went to the order or not) and then the game ends after a quick trip to the tavern or I go to sleep in the order quarters. How do I play them all?

Hi Challak, you have in chapter 2 the chapter 1 included, you can play the number 1 or play the number 2 and in his beginning answer what you did in the previous chapter. Hug

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Ok. I'd thought I'd bought more when I made my purchase. This wasn't very clear.

Anyway, how do I launch Chapter 1?

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hello, you have a textedit file to download with a web link to download the full first season. After, unzip it and put it in the same directory as the one which contains the chapter 1 of the season 2. Enjoy ! (I assume that chapter 2 you speak about, is chapter 2 from second season)

Season 2 chapters arent free? :o


They are free a month after release, so you might have to wait for them.

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but when I hit the "Download" for the complete Mac novel all I get it this,



I'm not much with computers, if it doesn't install on it's own I'm lost pretty quickly after that. What the heck am I not doing?


download the file from either one. Once your file is downloaded, you right click it and select "extract here". I don't know if it's the exact same for Mac, but that's what I do for Windows.

the application to open the game should be named "Game" or "Medieval Times". 

Thanks I'll try that. :)

I confirm for Mac : first, download it (Mega works, not the other one) ; then unzip the downloaded file ; and after that, move it inside the directory where you already have the first chapter of the second season, and then you will be able to launch the game.

Thanks man! I got it downloaded finally and had fun playing with different scenarios. 

Hi Laurel, I couldnt input the mini game code in the full season 1 release, but instead i could just input 4 characters.  What happened?

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Hi, having this issue as well. Can't find a password link for C10 for Android

hello, I am not sure 100% but the code for mini game seems to be not the same for first season (4 characters), for the first chapter of second season (10 characters), and for the second chapter it is another one again ! I have written down the three and I use the one which is accepted by the game... and sorry, but for obvious reasons I cannot give you the secret code in a public message !

Deleted post

The text file contains the download link.

I had the same trouble, but the solution I found is :

- open the text file and copy the weblink 

- go to internet with this link and download the file (MEGA works fine), it is long if your connexion is poor (as mine) but it works...

- unzip the donwloaded file

- move the unzipped file into the directory where you already have the first chapter of the second season

- this should be, from your home directory : /Library/Application Support/itch/apps/medieval-times

Note that the directory Library inside your home directory is not visible directly (and it is not the same Library as the one under the root directory of the computer) ; you must go there from your home directory with the command "go to" or "go to directory", I do not know exactly how it is labeled in English (not my native language).

I hope that can help.

Deleted post

Great game, replayed it like 100 times. I just wantet to ask, how does one acquire coins to buy sets in the Extra content section?

Hi Erik you can get the coins by taking Bennett to work at the brothel, this is only enabled while Bennett remains in Nemerion. Hug

Oh Cool Thanks, I must have been having a bug, because it wouldn't let me purchase anything even after I went to work. Well it's all god now somehow. Thanks again! :3

Are you able to do a complete season 1 for Android? Right now it's 3 separate games and season 2 won't install for me because it's acting like an update to Ch 10

Hi Jay, no I can't, because the entire season exceeds the maximum size of the apk, that's why I divided it into parts. Hug

I can't seem to access/unlock season 1 which file is it in the collection?

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Hi Luriel, I have some suggestions for you, I hope that putting the files on the google drive then we download it would be better, I figure out that download via google drive is way faster then using chrome.

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