Rework of Season 1 in progress

Hi guys, well back in the game. I'm already working on the Season 1 Rework, beyond the necessary modifications to be able to re-publish it on Patreon, I'll tell you what the changes will be.

- All chapters will have the map functionality available

- Also the Time icon has been added to all chapters.

- Fixed all the images that had any errors or were rendered incorrectly.

- A complete correction of the whole translation has been done. 

- Added from chapter 8 onwards an Extra Content button in the interface for easier access.

- Created the walkthrough for the whole season (So you won't miss any of the story 😎)

- Also added a walkthrough button in the UI, for quicker access while playing the game.

- Fixed some bugs in the decision making during the storyline

If everything goes as planned, by the end of the month I will have the Rework complete with all the above mentioned  I will upload the links. 

I hope you like the changes, and as always I'm looking forward to your comments.

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Excellente amélioration  en général! Bon travail!

Thanks! 😊


Not gonna lie, I will miss the old translations. It made for some genuinely iconic lines. I don't have friends with benefits anymore, I have "friends with rights" XDDD!!

Keep up with the fantastic work!

Thanks Daidi!. Hugs