Release Chapter 5 - Second Season

Hey guys, well, here it is at last, Chapter 5! We have some improvements and new features that I wanted to tell you about:

- Walkthrough button added to the novel environment.

- Bios button added to the novel environment

- Extra Content button added to the novel's setting

Bugs Fixed:

- Usher Bios is now working (and August and Carac Bios have been added this month).

- Fixed a bug in the brothel (Bennett's Job) that carried the previous month's clients.

- Fixed some translation and grammar errors from the previous chapter.

- Android version now has the graphical environment of the Computer version (fixes several bugs in the graphical environment).

Also some new content has been added to the Extra Content (3 new pictures and 1 video).

Well, I hope you enjoy it, and as always I look forward to your comments guys. Hugs


Medieval Times - Chapter 1/2/3/4/5 Second Season - PC 3 GB
Oct 22, 2021
Medieval Times - Chapter 5 Second Season - Android 1 GB
Oct 22, 2021
Medieval Times - Chapter 1/2/3/4/5 Second Season - MAC 3 GB
Oct 22, 2021
Medieval Times - Chapter 1/2/3/4/5 Second Season - Linux 3 GB
Oct 22, 2021

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I get this for all the guys except for Allard.

Hi Mdbcum, that bug has been fixed if I remember correctly, maybe you are using an old savegame?

I have uninstalled the game on my laptop two different times and when I install it back it still has my old saves I tried starting the game new but I still get this. I don't know what to do? Thanks

Hi Mdbcum, I think to delete Renpy's save data, you have to delete it from the AppData/Local folder in your user folder. Let me know if it works. Hugs

How do you install the game once you've downloaded it?


Hi guys, I just checked, and I see all 4 downloads of chapter 5 🤔

Hi Luriel, Prince Tier here, is there a new code for Capter 5 mini games?

Thanks agaign for doing an amazing job!


Hi Iskander, sorry, I forgot to upload the new code for chapter 5, it's already uploaded, I apologize. Hugs

Thank you so much! Hugs!

The download of the chapter 5 isn't in the download list

Is this download for patreons only?


I don't see chapter 5. Only Chapter 1/2/3/4 Second Season.


Hi Grakedrik, appears in the middle of the download list


'm only seeing it for android